What I’m Carrying Now: A P365 and a Kershaw Blur


Oldmocop80 writes . . .

When off-duty, I keep my EDC to a comfortable minimum. Gear is comprised of a SIG P365 9mm in an amazingly comfy Alien Gear IWB holster, with a 12-round mag and a 10-round spare.

The loads are SIG Sauer V-Crown 9mm JHPs. The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur with a tanto blade has served me well for years, both on- and off-duty.

Remarkably, my old 5.11 ATAC 100 lumen taclight has gotten more use than my clip knife. A small Victorinox Swiss Army knife, with it’s indispensable toothpick, adorns one set of keys while my primary set holds an ASP Pepper Spray kubaton for those “less-than-lethal” encounters.

I’ll also carry a Leatherman Wingman on work days. My money and credit cards are in a clip separate from my badge/ID wallet. I don’t need cash flying out if I need to quickly display my credentials. And finally, there’s the ubiquitous cell phone in a protective case.

Some find this hard to understand, but I’m most comfortable and relaxed when I’m prepared for serious encounters by carrying a reliable firearm.

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