What I’m Carrying Now: A Springfield XS-S .45 or a Rock Island 9mm 1911


Randy Jones writes . . .

I carried a 1911 made back in 1942 for about 34 years (’82 thru ’16). Rock solid and reliable. I still have it in the night stand, but I decided I would update my EDC. So, I bought a Kimber 1911 and a Taurus 1911 to replace it.

A friend of mine had bought an XD a few months prior and decided he didn’t like it, so I bought that and began to carry it part time. About a year or so later picked up a Rock Island 1911 9mm/22TCM double stack.

Today I switch back and forth between the Springfield XD-S Mod.2 Sub-Compact .45 ACP in a VersaCarry holster, which just fits better the longer I use it. Or I carry the Rock Island 1911 set up for the 9mm in a Blackhawk holster.

The 22TCM is one of those cartridges you need to put on your bucket list to shoot. Awesome little puppy, no kick, but same power as a 9mm.

The Rock has been modified with an extended safety, extended slide release and Hogue grips. These work well with a light cover garment or occasionally open carry. I carry a spare magazine in a VersaCarry mag carrier.

The knife is a Kershaw and the flashlight is from Police Security. Both firearms are loaded with Allegiance ammo that is designed to fragment inside the target so there is very little chance of over penetration. A first aid kit is kept in the trunk of the car.

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