What I’m Carrying Now: It Depends

What I'm Carrying Now EDC pocket dump

Tom writes . . .

I’m retired in my mid 70s and living in a semi-rural part of the state. My EDC hasn’t changed with the current madness and I always carry when I leave home.

My EDC varies depending on where I’m going, what I’ll be doing when I get there and what I’ll be wearing.  Around our local area it’s usually either the Kimber Aegis Elite Pro or Colt Commander (both in .45 ACP).

When in one of the larger cities in our area I’ll carry the SIG P320 XCarry in 9mm for the extra round count. For deeper concealment I go with the Kimber Micro 9.

I always carry an extra mag for whatever I’m carrying along with a knife and flashlight. I don’t go for name brands on the knife or flashlight, but both have proven totally reliable. I always have my US Law Shield card as well for access to a lawyer should it ever (hopefully never) be necessary. Holsters vary depending on the gun. Usually it’s a Crossbreed or Alien Gear. Occasionally I’ll use a Bravo Concealment.

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