“Noir”: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


SE Moore, the IT guy from New England sends one of those color-coordinated kits that he calls, “Noir.”  Fair enough.  Moore, the guy who sent the “everything including his shorts” post from a few days ago has a new one for us, but with much the same kit.

Again, he’s got the S&W M&P Shield in 9mm.  With the Crimson Trace laser add-on and extended magazine.  And the TALON grips.  Kudos for the extra mag (with the Hyve magazine extra-round or two base).  Big negative point for no flashlight.  C’mon Mr. Moore:  You’ve got to be able to positively identify your target before you can “light ’em up” with your Roscoe!

He writes:

I’ve been carrying all of these items for over 3 years. Compact, concealable and comfortable.

Sir, there are plenty of good lights out there that are small and light enough that they won’t cramp your style or weigh your down!

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