A River Trip with a Beretta Model 84: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Superesse sends his carry ensemble for a river trip for today’s Pocket Dump of the Day from Everyday Carry.

He wrote this:

On the river this weekend. Here’s some of the gear I was laying out before packing. Smokes, #sriracha, #firstaid, #survival, and more.

I’ll be wearing the Bug Out Bracelet from superessestraps.com

A little guerilla marketing there, I guess.  Because everyone needs a “Bug Out Bracelet.”  And yes, it can be yours for $125 (follow the link).  Plus $10.50 shipping.

I love the Beretta Model 84 .380 ACP.  Unfortunately I don’t see a carry rig.  Hopefully he has one.  Even if it’s to throw into a dry bag if it’s a “wet” river trip.

I’ve got one of these 84s and it’s my “throw it on to go to the gas station for a moment” gun (with a DeSantis rig IIRC).  Mine came from a guy who committed suicide (sad for him and his family).  Using a different gun.

The trigger on mine feels like a toy gun.  It feels like barely more than four pounds…  and that’s double-action!  It doesn’t like hard primers though.  American ammo works just fine.  S&B and some other European .380?  Not so much.

With 13+1, it’s a great little gun.  But then again, I romanticize it because I’ve wanted one since I was a teenager and when it came along a few years ago, I jumped on it and five extra magazines.

I see a lot of stuff there but no knife.  That leaves me scratching my head.  Knives are incredibly versatile for everything from utilitarian use, to rescue to self-defense.  They do so much.  And he’s got a $125 survival bracelet but no blade.  Hmmm.

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