Today’s Hot Weather Daytime Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


IT guy S. E. Moore sends his “Today’s Daytime Carry” which includes everything including his pants.  Whew!  Glad he didn’t send his “Nighttime Carry!”

In many ways, his shorts are a lot like my 5.11 shorts worn in really hot weather.  Mr. Moore packs his tricked out M&P Shield 9mm (with Crimson Trace laser and True Precision barrel).

Curious why he replaced the factory barrel with the “True Precision” unit?  Is the factory barrel lacking sufficient accuracy?  Or is it the cool factor of the brass/gold accent on his Shield?

Kudos for the extra mag, carried in a “Snag Mag” pocket holster.  I know a few folks in my neck of the woods who swear by these.  Including a guy who carries on in his front jeans pocket.  And he has to take it out every time he wants to get whatever he’s got in that pocket.  Then again, he is/was a very beefy 350-pound professional wrestler, now mostly retired.  Yeah, at one time he said he had a 24-inch neck.  Or was it 26?  He was a big, big boy.

In the six or so years I’ve known him he’s slimmed down in part because docs said a 24 (26?) neck wasn’t real healthy.  Today, he’s only about 250 pounds.  Only.

Anyway, Mr. Moore has a lot of stuff in there, but no flashlight.  -1 for that.

He does have a blade, a Microtech Ultratech auto blade.

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