Florida Version of My Everyday Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Salesman Mike from Florida shares his “My Everyday Carry” ensemble.  Thanks to the fine folks at Everyday Carry.

We do these because they are fun and I try to keep my comments mostly light-hearted.

So Floridians like to keep things light thanks to the state’s reputation for cool, comfortable summers.  Especially in south Florida where summer highs are especially…  refreshing.  Hence, Mike’s got a small GLOCK26 that he carries in a discrete, inside the waistband holster.  Good!  Also tucked away somewhere, he carries a spare mag (a Magpul PMag – I didn’t know they made one for a G26!) in case of running across surly alligators or crocodiles or whatever sort of reptilian-minded ne-er-do-wells they have down there.  Kudos on the reload, sir!

And in case all else fails, he’s got that Kershaw Blur to cut his way out of bad spots or into good packages.

My only criticism is that Mike doesn’t carry a light.  Maybe Florida has daylight for 20 hours a day like northern Alaska.  Who knows.  I’ve only vacationed in Florida and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Oh well.  Throw in some shades, a wallet and some keys and he’s ready to hang out on the beach, in a restaurant or anywhere they have good air conditioning.  Thanks heavens for Mr. Carrier, right?

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