Dayton Police Chief Criticizes ‘Unregulated’ Ownership of ‘Assault Weapons’


Courtesy Dayton Police Department

Dayton’s police chief talked to the media recently about the firearm used by the shooter who murdered nine people and wound 14 more. The weapon used was an Aderson Manufacturing AR pistol with a Shockwave blade brace that he bought legally, undergoing the required federal background check.

The chief finds civilian ownership of that kind of firearms by civilians a probem…and doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the term “unregulated.”

[Owning AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines is] problematic. It is fundamentally problematic. To have that level of weaponry in a civilian environment, unregulated, is problematic. …

…I’m not the expert in it, but I can tell yoy that it was modified, in essence, to function like a rifle. That much I can tell you, and I’m sure you can talk to experts out there, how that gets done. And to avoid any legal prohibitions.

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl on civilian ownership of “assault weapons” and the shooter’s pistol.

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