Here’s the Dell’Aquila Group’s Latest Letter to NRA Board Members


Courtesy NRA

Dissident National Rifle Association donor David Dell’Aquila has sent a new letter to members of the NRA board of directors (PDF) last night. In it he notified them of updates to some his individual letter grades and asked them to appoint a leader or leadership team to represent them in their dealings with the Help Save the NRA group.

As Dell’Aquila makes clear, his group “no longer recognize(s) Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team and will discuss matters directly with Board members.”

We noted in our post following a conversation with him this week that Dell’Aquila isn’t a patient man. He’s ready to take the next step in his strategy to bring about leadership change at the NRA, and that will commence in the next few days:

Without substantial progress in finalizing an independent financial audit, our campaign will be forced to commence Phase 4 next week. The key operations of Phase 4 are Operations “Grassroots”, “Inside Out”, and “Clean-up.”

These are carefully arranged plans, intended to raise the public’s awareness of the issues at the NRA, and provide structure for better internal governance at the organization, and make the NRA accountable to all of its members. For example, Operation Clean-up will help the next CEO of the NRA — assuming such assistance is sought – in that position.

The next step is for the members of the Board of Directors to decide the fate of the NRA. When the dust settles, I am confident that history will find that we have strengthened the NRA for the next century of protecting gun rights.

Click here (PDF) to read the full letter.

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