Friedman: No One Is Better Equipped to Lead the NRA Now Than Wayne LaPierre



The Gun Writer blog received a long unsolicited letter from NRA board member Joel Friedman in support of Wayne LaPierre’s continued leadership of the gun rights organization. The letter is titled ‘Setting the Record Straight.’

Let us discuss what some of the anti-NRA, anti-Wayne people are saying, “I don’t know what’s going on but …”

Now to be fair, that’s because they don’t know, and they can’t know the details because of the lawsuits as well as the New York investigation. Therefore, isn’t it ludicrous for anyone to make decisions and proclamations after admitting they’re ignorant of the facts.

I ask you to consider this for a moment – do you think that there’s anyone better equipped to guide the NRA during these challenging times?  The neophytes who are agitating would get their clocks cleaned in about 2 hours!  Even our former chief lobbyist – as talented as he may be – wouldn’t be able to navigate this.  Let’s face it – the reason the opposition wants Wayne gone is because they know without him, it’s easier to take down the NRA.  And, now, we have some so-called pro-gun types naively joining the chorus!

The last part of my message has to do with the concept that the NRA is wasting its money and there is no oversight.  Not only do we have a Treasurer’s department, we have a finance committee overseeing the organization, and we have an audit committee.  We are all under such a microscope that I personally have been refused payments for expenses I have incurred because I only had credit card statements and not the actual receipts. This idea that the board and top management are ripping off the organization is just another attempt to separate us and to neuter our ability to do the job we need to do in 2020, which is to protect the rights of firearm owners in America. No one else can do it, and if we all don’t stick together and stop letting the haters and the media drive us apart, the anti-gunners will win.

– Letter from NRA board member Joel Friedman to The Gun Writer blog

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