Did Ted Nugent Just Come Out for NRA Reform?


Ted Nugent (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Ted Nugent posted the following on his Facebook page this afternoon:

Save the 2A is one of the groups that’s trying to force change at the top of the National Rifle Association.

As Save the 2A puts it on their web site,

We support its mission and purpose as stated in the NRA bylaws. But we are disturbed by the recent scandals and controversies that continue to weaken the NRA’s standing in the public sphere. We want to help the NRA overcome these plagues and emerge even stronger. …

We believe the NRA is (or should be) much bigger than any one person. Save the Second is not calling for the specific ouster of any individual person. Instead, we hope to empower the membership to get more involved, be better informed, and take proactive steps to ensure that the NRA leadership reflects their preferences and values. We also encourage the members to maintain high standards for the directors and officers and to hold them accountable when their behavior undermines the NRA’s purpose and goals.

Posting this video would seem to put Uncle Ted — a member of the NRA board himself — squarely in the camp of board members who are pushing to clean up that operation. Stay tuned.

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