VIDEO: Talking Rimfire Precision Shooting with Vudoo Gun Works’ Andrew Workman


Courtesy Mike Semanoff

Fueled by the popularity the PRS and NRL, precision .22LR competitions have sprung up all over the US. These precision rimfire competitions are a convenient alternative to their centerfire counterparts and offer valuable training for traditional matches.

New shooters, young enthusiasts, and seasoned vets are all coming together to participate in this new precision rifle game.

If you spend any time around the NRL 22 competition series you’ll see a common thread among a lot of the top shooters; Vudoo Gun Works. Vudoo Gun Works is a US-based company that has quickly become the industry leader in the precision .22LR game.

The V-22 action has changed what the industry thought was possible with the .22LR round and has literally spawned a flurry of innovation related to precision .22LR shooting.

Ammo and optics companies are adjusting their product lines to better serve this rapidly evolving market. A large part of this innovation has been driven by Vudoo Gun Works’ products.

In the video below, Vudoo’s Andrew Workman gives us some insights into all things related to precision .22 rimfire and how we can maximize our rifle’s performance. As a precision .22LR competitor, match director, and Director of Ops at Vudoo Gun Works, Andrew has been immersed in all things related to precision .22LR and is one of the most experienced individuals in the field.

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