Moms Demand Action Members ‘Heartbroken’ as Virginia Dog And Pony Show Comes to a Quick Conclusion


Moms Demanding Action line up during a rally at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Governor Northam called a special session of the General Assembly to consider gun legislation in light of the Virginia Beach Shootings. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

The Washington Post followed a bus load of Shannon’s red-shirted troops as they made their way to Richmond this week for Governor Coonman’s special session on gun control. The paper also captured their shock and disappointment as the entire political stunt crashed to the earth in a ball of flames just 90 minutes after it started.

A mere 90 minutes into what was supposed to be a monster session on curbing gun violence, political backroom deals proved it was all theater.

The Republican majority had been planning the adjournment stunt for at least a week, as their Democratic counterparts were preparing their arguments, as the mothers arranged for babysitters and collected donations for the bus to Richmond.

The Republican legislators knew they were going to shut it down before even considering any of it.

“It was heartbreaking. It was infuriating,” Galindez said. “How dare they. How dare they not do their jobs and at least dialogue.”

The moms were heartbroken, quiet and dumbstruck as the bus pulled out of Richmond.

It was another one of those times when they felt invisible.

They began to seethe. And rage.

Before they were even halfway back to Virginia Beach, they were in battle mode again.

– Petula Dvorak in The moms went to Richmond to demand action on gun violence. Instead, they were ignored.

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