The Public Safety Guy with a Mag Solitaire: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Delta Charlie, who works in public safety, sends his “Work” ensemble.  A while back I thought he was a cop, but seeing this set up I believe I might have made the wrong guess.  From Everyday Carry.

A little AAA-MagLite Solitaire for a flashlight?  Really?  Maybe in 1986.  C’mon Delta.  That light has been around about as long as you have.

He carries the Remington 1911 R1, meaning he has about 7 or 8+1 big old .45 slugs to remedy any problems he encounters.  Those are big problem solvers.  What’s more, if folks can make do with five in a J-frame revolver, I suppose those big 230-gr ashtrays coming out will solve well enough.  The OWB holster is classic leather, but I don’t recognize the maker/model and it’s not listed.

I will say he has a big foot with those size 14 boots.  In case of emergency, apply (big)foot to problem…

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