Matt Goes To The Big City Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


A Phoenix Arms .25 Auto as a backup gun?  That’s what Matt the HVAC guy takes when he goes to the big city in his HVAC Tech in the City post at Everyday Carry.

He adds this to his photo:

Don’t think for one second that I’m not actually carrying everything you see in the pic….
If I were to include everything I carry, including what I carry in my “murse” (camo canvas six pack cooler), the pic would actually have several more items…
I do have a CCDW that I carry in my typical leather tri-fold wallet (not pictured here…. Will take new pic once I save for and get the Dango M1 edc wallet).

The Raptor mini-karambit?  That would take some getting used to.  I learned from Steve Tarani on the standard Karambit (wonder if he still has some Tarani-branded Karambits with 5.11?).  Also in the pic is a Gerber auto knife (or maybe assisted opening, not sure).  And a Klenk tools razor knife.

He’s carrying a lot of gun in the HK .45 USP, along with a spare magazine.  But kudos to him for the extra high-quality firepower.  But a Phoenix .25?

Just last week, when I offered a friend a couple of .25 Autos for fun and entertainment, he turned me down.  “Ammo too expensive,” he said.  Then he said if he used one for self defense and shot someone, if they figured out he shot them they might be really upset with him.

Exaggeration, I know.  But still.  A .25 Auto?

Matt’s also got a Fenix PD35 in his pocket.  Rechargeable and all that.

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