‘It’s Not the Left That Wants to Take Away Guns. It’s Democrats.’


Reason Magazine is discovering what we’ve been saying for almost a decade now. America’s gun owners are aren’t just a bunch of old fat white guys. They’re a diverse and varied bunch that doesn’t conform to one particular stereotype. For proof of that, see our ‘I am a gun owner’ series from back in 2013 (images here on our Facebook page).

Here’s the opinion of one of Reason’s non-traditional gun owners who resides in Sandy, Utah . . .

“It’d be easy for me to be like, ‘Oh, nobody needs a concealed-carry [permit],’ because I live in this bougie apartment right across the street from the police station that’s mostly secure. When I’m walking around there’s no danger out here. But for some people, walking from the bus stop to their house is dangerous. I feel like for me to tell them you don’t need [a gun] is really just kind of privileged—trying to take my bubble and to project it onto them.

“I realize my views are extremely radical for American politics—I like Marx’s view on guns. His language was old-school, and I can’t repeat it verbatim, but it was basically: Any attempt to disarm the working-class needs to be obstructed by force. It’s always funny when people say the left wants to take away guns. It’s like, well, no, it’s not the left that wants to take away guns. It’s Democrats. And you know, it seems like most anti-gun people are upper-middle-class and usually white, in my experience.”

– Alex Lambson in Guns are for Everybody

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