Cali Cop’s Off-Duty Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


DC, one of the anointed ones in California, shares his “Off Duty Carry” set-up.  From Everyday Carry.

Trying not to get political here…  but I’m pretty sure the new SIG P365 isn’t available for everyday people in the land of fruits and nuts.  But good on DC for picking a great gun in a Haley Strategic rig.  And carrying a spare magazine.  Because after all, many parts of California are becoming very over-run with people doing illegal things.  After all, take away punitive consequences for anti-social misbehavior, and you’ll get more of that sort of behavior.

DC loves his blades.  As Americans, sometimes we fail to understand that most of the world has a knife culture, whereas in America, we have our gun culture.  DC’s got his fixed-blade Benchmade SOPC and a couple of auto knives (a Benchmade out the front and a Boker Kwaiken).  Cough.  Felony for regular folks.  Cough.

The Smith & Bradley Ambush watch is a new one to me.

No keys/keyring/phone/belt/wallet shown.  And no badge.  But most of us mere mortals don’t have one of those.

Except for a foolish one here or there who carry a concealed carry badge (BAD idea!)

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