Gizmodo: We’re Living in a 3D-Printed Gun Dystopian Nightmare!


Courtesy Gun in a garage and

The technological wizards at Gizmodo are just now awakening to the fact that OMG!…YOU REALLY CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL!

We don’t know where the recently convicted [Tendai] Muswere got the plans to 3D-print a gun of his own, but we do know that he was able to do it. That’s the next scary phase of this threatening technological movement.

There’s not an organization that one can necessarily connect to the discovery of a 3D-printed gun. The plans are out in the open, on the internet. People with means can use them to print firearms and maybe more will come up with obscure reasons like a dystopian film project to explain why they’re doing it.

But they can do it. That dystopian film? That’s our actual reality.

– Adam Clark Estes in The 3D-Printed Gun Threat Is Getting Weird and Scary

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