The Hawkeye Accountant: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Mr. Doug, your friendly, neighborhood CPA sends his “Gun Range Carry” via Everyday Carry.

Doug is a neatnick, I will give him that.

He carries Hornady Critical Defense 110gr JHPs in his Ruger LCR.  Carried in a Bladetech inside-the-waistband rig.  Nice.    He’s got his speedstrip loaded properly for a wheelgun too.  He’s been educated.

He mentions that he also carries a bag at the range.  Here, in his words:

This represents on-person carry only. Range bag also includes a trauma kit, ear protection, eye protection, gloves, range ammunition, targets, etc.

What?  You don’t carry this stuff in your pockets at work?  Why NBC’s Dateline just last night covered the mysterious murder of an accountant/financial planner in my new hometown.

Nice set up.  Surprised I don’t see a flashlight.

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