Pistol Packin’ Pastor: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Today we have a pistol packin’ pastor from Jacksonville, Florida showing us his everyday carry.   Via Everyday Carry.

Man, that’s a well, souped up GLOCK 26, with a Vortex optic and a Streamlight TLR4 light.  Peter Padilla either knows how to use all that or he tried to buy skills on aisle four of the local gun shop.  Very nice.

Frankly, my 26 doesn’t get enough carry time as I’m seldom in a suit.  Thankfully.

Guessing/hoping he left out the mag pouch and the holster.  After all, he did skip the belt too.

A Michael Kors smartwatch – nothing pretentious there.  Ditto for the Midtech out-the-front auto knife.  Midtech bills themselves as making affordable edged tools.

The bottom line is I appreciate a man of the cloth who sold his tunic to buy a sword.  To protect both himself and his flock.

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