Pepper Spray Gun Road Trip! Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Who in their right mind carries a pepper spray gun for self-defense?  Probably someone who doesn’t know any better is the only person I can think of.

Carrying a facsimile firearm has all the risks of presenting a firearm without any means to put down a threat.  And if it looks like a gun, you can bet both cops and crooks are going to treat it as such.  As in “don’t bring a pepper spray gun to a gun/knife fight.”

Juan Robles from Puerto Rico sends his Roadtrip EDC, built around a Mace Pepper Spray Gun 2.0 carried in a nice Gunner’s Custom Holsters holster.  Right next to his SWAT-T tourniquet.

Other than that, it looks like any other gun culture member’s EDC.  He’s got a Kershaw blade, a small but functional little Streamlight Protac single AAA light and a Colonel Blades tactical pen.

Back to that non-gun gun.  I know of people who have taken a healthy, direct hosing of pepper foam into the eyes and then fought on for a minute plus before dialing 9-1-1 on their phone.  Even average people without a lot of motivation can function for fifteen to thirty seconds.  So really, how much “stopping power” will pepper spray have against a determined adversary?

Sure, some will say, “it beats nothing at all!”  I’m not in that camp.  Are you?  Discuss.

Lastly, Juan:  Thank you for putting your gear up for criticism, sir.  My advice as a long-time firearms and personal defense instructor:  seek out some hand-to-hand training to substitute for that pepper spray gun.  Perhaps some Krav Maga from a reputable and experienced trainer.  That will serve you far better than a non-gun pepper spray gun.

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