Omnia Paratus (Prepared for Anything) Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Christopher O’Grady from Idaho sends his “Prepared for Anything” gear.  That’s Omnia Paratus for those who took Latin in school.

He likes his safety rescue tool in CZ-P01 flavor, a compact pistol.  He loads the 9mm Roscoe with hollowpoints (bueno!).  Mr. O’Grady packs his CZ in a Hoftac Industries custom kydex holster.  Frankly, that’s the thing with the more exotic pistols…  people often need to go to custom holster makers to get better quality carry rigs.  Everybody and their dog makes holsters for GLOCKS and S&Ws.  CZ-P01?  Maybe not so much.

Like any prepared guy, he carries a blade (a well-used Benchmade Stryker automatic) and a light (O-light M1T Raider).   Seems like a whole lot of people carry Olights today.

Not sure I want a hard metal wallet, like his HELL-BENT 3.0 ALUMINUM WALLET W/REMOVABLE Titanium MONEY CLIP.  To each his or her own though.

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