Los Angeles Finally Gets Serious About ‘Gun Violence’


Courtesy louderthanguns.org

It seems that all of California’s gun control laws — more than any other state in the nation — haven’t been enough to make Los Angelenos feel safe. Which is apparently why the mayor and the city are finally doing something.

On 22 May, dystopian ads for gun violence insurance will appear around Los Angeles, with headlines like ‘Living With Everyday Gunfire?’ and ‘If There’s a Shooting Are You Covered?’

The organization hopes they are just preposterous enough to make people stop and wonder if they’re real. Much like an insurance company might sell different products, this campaign has ads that speak to the different ways Americans experience gun violence – mass shooting insurance, accidental shooting insurance and daily gunfire insurance.

All ads direct Angelenos to 1-833-GUNSURE, a “hotline” that explains the turn in the campaign, provides an avenue to share personal stories of gun violence, and drives people to the campaign hub, louderthanguns.org, which explains that the ads are not real – they’re a wakeup call.

The campaign transforms into an uplifting, youth-led call to action on National Gun Violence Awareness Day (7 June). That day the ‘Gunsure Insurance’ ads will be replaced by vibrant posters that urge Angelenos to take action.

– Kyle O’Brien in Los Angeles aims to curb gun violence with ‘Louder Than Guns’ OOH campaign

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