Only in Florida: 80-Year-Old Shoots 73-Year-Old Armed Robber


Courtesy Hialeah Police

You’ve heard it a thousand times. “God created men and Sam Colt made them equal.” In other words, a firearm allows a smaller, weaker, slower or older individual to defend him or herself when attacked by someone younger, stronger and faster.

Case in point: 80-year-old Ernesto Del Monte of south Florida. He was getting into his car last week when he was approached by a younger man who pepper-sprayed him and demanded his money.

That’s when Del Monte drew the gun he was carrying and shot Julio Perez-Delgado. Repeatedly.

As the Miami Herald reports . . .

Riddled with bullets, Perez-Delgado took off. Police eventually found him about a half-mile away after receiving a call of a man down with multiple gunshot wounds in front of 1910 West 56th St.

Remember that Florida is home to the nation’s oldest population.

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Which might explain (along with those gunshot wounds) why Perez-Delgado didn’t get too far before Hialeah police chased him down.

The young punk was hospitalized and was reportedly in critical condition. He’s also been charged with attempted armed robbery and burglary with battery. His days of preying on older Floridians have probably come to an end.

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