Four Blades and Ball Ammo: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Today, Bryan from South Carolina sends his knife-laden “Everyday Carry” ensemble, via (coincidentally enough) Everyday Carry.

He writes this of his daily gear:

These are a few items I keep on my person at all timea, some may think it’s touch but to much is never enough when in a bad situation.

Thanks for all you do for the EDC community I enjoy watching all your videos and my wallet not so much!

The one love/hate relationship I have with these is I catch it from every direction as I riff on these set ups.  Just a day or three ago, several people complained that they felt like “The Truth About Knives.”  Well, brace yourself, Bryan carries quite a few.  Four specifically.  Including three pretty substantial folders.

And a Gen 4 GLOCK 26.  With an unspecified 20-round magazine chock full of…  ball ammo?  And a (“affordable”) nylon mag pouch with two additional mags loaded with who knows what.

Bryan, not sure what your secret occupation is, but you can just about stuff ANY hollow point and get better, safer performance for stopping anything short of an elephant with the sort of penetration ball ammo provides.  Not only that, Bryan, but you endanger innocents beyond the bad guy you’re shooting at if you use 9mm ball ammo.

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