Random Business Trip EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Jeff D Bruenderman sends his random business trip set-up to us via Everyday Carry.

Jeff likes Apple products.  He’s got a set of Airpods and an Apple Watch that he carries everyday.  His iPhone isn’t in the photo, but I think it’s a safe bet that’s part of the usual stuff he carries.

He also has a Schrade tactical pen.  I’m seeing more and more of my friends carrying these.  As well as people at Everyday Carry.  These “Tac Pens” usually write well and are substantial in heft.  You’re not going to overthrow a small Central American dictatorship with one, but they are a tool in the toolbox.

Jeff carries no flashlight (unhappy face) but he does have a Kizer Theta folder.  Those will set you back $180.  Then again, a decent folding knife will set you back close to at least $100.  Two plus for the nicer ones.

How much did you spend on your EDC blade? Let’s hear it in comments.

Mine was a gift from a GSL member many years ago.  The Lone Wolf Knives Harsey Ranger sold for about $400+ when produced and frankly, it’s been worth every penny of that MSRP.  It’s literally been on my side for 15+ years and is going strong.  Without deployment it serves as a blunt force instrument.  Deployed it’s like a 3.9″ long scalpel blade thanks to some alphanumeric soup of characters that people say is pretty nice steel.  At the same time it’s a PITA to sharpen because of that fancy steel.  Before that I carried a Spyderco Delica.  Still a very good knife, specially with the half-serrated blade.

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