New From SIG SAUER: P365 Manual Safety and More


The debate over manual safeties — yay or nay? — on carry guns is hotter than beans or no beans in chili. Whether you’re a “to be” or a “not to be,” SIG now has you covered with the addition of an ambidextrous manual thumb safety-equipped P365 model.

Mounted far at the rear of the pistol, sweeping the safety down with your strong hand thumb is easy and fairly intuitive. It snicks off nicely with a clean, appropriate-strength detent.

Putting it back on, however, takes concerted, specific effort. Which is exactly how it should be. You’ll need to use your support hand to click up the front of the safety lever. It seems like, when down, it has a stronger, tighter detent. It isn’t going to click up on accident.

The lever is steel and fairly low-profile. Naturally, it matches the slide stop and takedown levers on the left side of the gun.

Did I mention it’s ambidextrous? Just don’t ask Chris to try and pronounce that word.

Also new and exciting is the P365 in NRA Coyote flavor. Not the best time to co-brand with the NRA, but hey. Maybe they’ll change it to “scours tan” or “hipster toasted almond butter” or something better than literally anything preceded by “NRA.”

Now this is cool. A “K” sized MPX, which looks great and makes perfect sense to me unlike that Copperhead monstrosity with the permanent chess piece muzzle device thing that can’t accept a suppressor. Sign me up for this one!

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