Chicago Police Department ‘Fixes’ Their FOID Reporting Problems


Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

Just in time to have the entire FOID card system voided by the courts . . .

The Chicago Police Department has closed a bureaucratic loophole that threatened to make an already violent city even more dangerous, a follow-up report from the inspector general showed Wednesday.

The new report comes a year after Police Supt. Eddie Johnson issued a special order requiring all employees to submit forms within 24 hours of making a “determination of a clear and present danger,” as required by the state law governing Firearm Owners Identification cards.

Changes made since then have given a big boost to the number of reports filed, the inspector general found.

The reporting form was made available on CPD computers and “accessible electronically to all officers on all shifts,” Joe Lipari, the city’s deputy inspector general for public safety, reported Wednesday.

In addition, as a result of the order, CPD “created relevant curricula and provided adequate training on the FOID act for all current police employees and recruits, Lipari said.

– Fran Spielman in Report shows CPD has closed bureaucratic loophole on FOID reporting requirement

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