We Have a Winner: Shooting The Bull 410 Wraps Up His 9mm Ammo Quest


Courtesy Shooting The Bull 410

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Everyone’s favorite ballistic expert, Shooting The Bull 410 undertook the huge and valuable project of testing a good portion of the most popular 9mm personal defense loads on the market, shooting them from a 3-inch barrel pistol. The goal was to find the best performing personal defense load when fired from a typical concealed carry pistol barrel length.

Click here to see how a lot of his previous tests went.

Now, finally, Ammo Quest has come to the end. He’s boiled all of the results down to two excellent rounds which performed similarly well; Winchester Defend and Federal Premium HST.

He then put the two through a head-to-head shootout. I’ll let you watch the video above to see which one came out on top.

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