The Georgia Entrepreneur’s Ensemble: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Mark, an entrepreneur from Georgia sends his “My Everyday Carry” to us, thanks to Everyday Carry.

We have to give him credit:  he keeps things simple.  Sans a holster, he’s probably stuffing that SIG P365 into a pocket, like a couple of people I know here in Illinois.   Only the people I know use some sort of pocket holster to break up the outline of the gun and to keep it oriented in the same position all day long.

Add to the gun a spare mag, a Hoffman Richter blade and a set of keys.

Wallet?  Eh, who needs money and a driver’s license?

And as much as I reluctantly embraced smart phone technology just a few short years ago, I feel lost without it.  And my wife hates it when I don’t have my leash phone on my person if I’m not home.

Check it and others out at Everyday Carry.

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