NEWS FLASH: Medical Breakthrough Could Finally Ensure Passage of National Carry Reciprocity



Does it sometimes seem that anti-gunners simply ignore fact-based arguments for the right to keep and bear arms? Are you frustrated by their refusal to acknowledge that the historic drop in crime rates has coincided with the number of civilian-owned firearms more than doubling, 16 constitutional carry states and millions of licensed concealed carriers?

Thanks to the wonders of science, there may finally be a solution . . .

NEW YORK (AP) – In a startling medical breakthrough, researchers have developed a hearing aid that will finally allow liberals to actually hear the words other people say when they argue for political positions that liberals disagree with, such as supporting the nationwide trend toward more freedom-friendly concealed carry laws.

“We used to think liberals were just too dumb to realize that mass shootings don’t stop until a someone else with a gun shows up,” said lead developer Hunter Colton, “but new research shows that it’s a simple, correctable medical condition – a sporadic physical disconnect in their middle ear.

Read the full story here, and consider investing in one for someone you love.

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