A Denver Gun Seller’s EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Welcome to M Bear’s Firearm Retail EDC 1.0 from Everyday Carry.

So, M Bear works firearm retail in Denver.  He writes:

You can fit a lot in cargo pants with a sturdy belt. The pistol is carried in a Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim holster, all held up with a Trayvax Cinch belt (not pictured)

Amen on the cargo pants and a sturdy belt.  Glad he included details on both the belt and the holster.  Because frankly, that’s a lot of gun to be stuffing in one’s pants sans a holster.

A lot of gun as in a SIG P320 with a muzzle brake, RMR sight and a weapons light all mounted.  What?  No room for a Swiss Army Knife and tactical chain saw on that gun too?

Interesting his choice in flashlight, a Strobeforce D-1000 (never heard of it).  The SOG Switchplier is also something unique.  Upon a second glance at the details of what he carries, I picked up on that tiny O-light i7R Eos Ti on his keychain.  120 lumens.  I remember spending a princely sum on a 60-lumen SureFire 6P when they first came out and acting all giddy over 60 lumens!   Mmm, nice!

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