A Florida Pirate’s Spartan Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


EDFX, a self-described pirate from Florida, sends in his Spartan March 2019 everyday emsemble, courtesy Everyday Carry.

Yes, another person who doesn’t need any keys.  Or in this case, a smart phone.  Or, for that matter a flip phone.  (Yes, those are still a thing for some dinosaurs.)

He also doesn’t carry with a round in the chamber of his “custom” Glock 43!  I do sort of like the distressed look on the outside (with a dash of bling!), but I’d be a lot more impressed if that gun was ready for action.  After all, what sort of self-respecting pirate carries an unloaded gun?  He does carry a Leatherman Wingman for those times he needs to clamp off a squirting artery or tighten a shoelace (tourniquet).

Everyone and their dog is carrying those O-light mini-baton flashlights.  The S1R II has a 1000 lumen max output, along with a handy charger, rechargeable battery and everything a grown man or woman needs for a super-bright light in a tiny package.  For not a lot of cash.

How long does one get that blazing output on that tiny rechargeable CR123R battery?

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