Walther PPS M2 Recall Update


Image: The Truth About Guns

By Anner

Walther issued a recall of their PPS M2 pistols in November 2018, as TTAG covered here. Walther’s website covers the recall and return process here: https://www.waltherarms.com/recall/#.

My PPS M2 was in the affected series of serial numbers. A quick visit to the Walther website produced a prepaid shipping label. Less than a week after I shipped the PPS M2 it was back in my hands, with a free Walther sticker and some minor tattoo work:

PPS M2 recall

Courtesy Walther

I admit I was concerned. Following the XD-S recall, many owners reported heavier, grittier triggers than prior to the recall work. I feared that some lawyer-riffic re-jiggering on the great PPS trigger at the Walther factory could tarnish an otherwise excellent handgun.

Happily, my fears evaporated when the PPS M2 returned. I can’t tell a difference pre- to post-recall. The travel, break, and reset are still well above average among handguns in the single-stack striker-fired class. My PPS M2 has burned through 1,000+rds prior to the recall without a hitch. I fed it another 100 rounds post-recall to search for any gremlins, and I found none.

TTAG’s original review from 2016 stands true: if the ergonomics suit your mitts, this is an outstanding handgun, especially for the price. Plenty of online sites offer the PPS M2 for a mere $270 (3-dot sights) or $300 (LE edition, with night sights).

PPS M2 recall

Image: The Truth About Guns

From the original product, to the handling of the recall, to the service performed—good work, Walther!

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