Arizona Grandmother Shoots Home Invasion ‘Suspect’


Courtesy Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office

Someone forgot to tell Greg Hardy that he should respect senior citizens. Then again, a lack of respect for others might not appear at the top of Mr. Hardy’s list of problems. Not after cops say a grandmother shot him after he forced entry into her residence and injuring her.

It all happened in Cordes Lakes, Arizona. Hardy, 42, forced his way into an occupied home and refused demands that he leave. He fought with the female resident and then her husband while the woman retrieved a handgun.

Upon returning with pistol in hand, the intruder apparently thought the old woman lacked the stones to shoot him, so he continued to advance upon her. She proved him wrong.

Not only did she fire, but at least one shot found its mark.

Gregory Hardy Courtesy Yavapai Sheriffs Office

Cops caught Hardy after he ran out of the house and collapsed not far away. He got a free ambulance ride to the hospital. Upon his discharge, he’ll get a free ride to the county jail to face a host of charges.

ABC15 has the story:

…Yavapai County said the case is still under investigation, including determining why he picked that particular home and confronted the family. No arrests have been made, though charges of robbery, burglary and criminal trespassing, among others, are likely against Hardy after he is released from the hospital, the sheriff’s office said.

Good guy gun owners should keep in mind that just because they point a gun at a criminal doesn’t mean the bad guy will suddenly become meek and mild. For some of these people, it isn’t the first time they’ve earned a nice look down the business end of a gun.

Violent criminal predators will see hesitation as weakness. They will try to exploit that. Keep that in mind and act accordingly.

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