Memphis Man Scares Burglars Away By Closing the Bolt on His AR-15 Rifle


Courtesy WREG

“‘One time I know I scared them off is when I closed the bolt on my AR. It’s a very distinctive sound,’ the homeowner said. Now, he sits on his couch each night, waiting for an intruder who is bold enough to step inside. ‘The police told me, unless they actually get through that door, I cannot use deadly force.’”

Those are the words of a resident of the Raleigh section of Memphis, one of the highest crime rate cities in the nation. Burglars have repeatedly tried to break into the man’s home.

As he states in the video, he’s been staying up at night, parked on his couch, rifle in hand, wearing a plate carrier.

From WREG:

The body armor weighs 25 pounds. While some may call it extreme, he says “it measures that I am willing to protect my family.”

Senator Chris Murphy has not been available to comment.

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