A Consultant’s ‘Just the Right Mix’ EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Royce, a “consultant” who splits his time between Dallas and Nashville, sends us this “Just the right mix” for him from Everyday Carry.

At last, someone who almost carries more rounds than me.  He has a GLOCK 19.  It looks like a Gen4, but I’m not that savvy on the last two generations of Gaston’s perfection.  I prefer Gen 2 and Gen 3 myself.  But look at those spare mags!  Two 15-rounders and one GLOCK 17 mag with a two-round extension!  49+1 rounds total.  That’s some bubble gum!

He has some impressive blades too.  A Microtech out-the-front auto knife and a Warren Thomas blade as well.  And a wallet that he paid entirely too much for.  Nice Rolex, too.

Check out that little Fenix E15 on his keyring.  I looked that up and found the newer Fenix E16 that has a 700 lumen output in a light that weighs less than a Krugerrand.  How’s that for a backup light?

Royce writes of his stuff:

Work: Remember, most things in here don’t react well to bullets; (credit to Sir Sean Connery).

Also work: And don’t forget, if the neighborhoods right outside were safer, we’d have to pay you less.

Yes, if neighborhoods were safer… we could all come together and sing Kumbaya and not need personal safety tools.  In the meantime, I’ve got my breath strips too.

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