Work Carry: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Jake, a service tech from North Carolina, sends us his “Work Carry” for the Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day.

Frankly, Jake is a lucky guy if his employer allows him to carry at work.  Many employers in my home state of Illinois have policies against carry at work.  In fact, some will terminate the employee even for leaving the gun in their car.  (So if you’re going to get canned if detected inside the office or leaving it in the car, carry it with you!)

At the same time, the pocket-carried Diamondback DB9 pistol makes detection very unlikely. Depending on the type of pants he wears, his draw time might be slightly slowed down.

A reload or two also makes for a good thing.  Not sure why he still carries a Maglite Solitaire.  That thing puts out about half a lumen of light.  Contrast that with some of the other, more modern AAA-cell lights that easily output 100+ lumens for under $15.  Maybe Jake carries it because he’s familiar with it.

Jake writes:

This is my current edc for work. I do rotate out handguns occasionally but currently the gen4 db9 is very hard to beat. I am always armed from the time i wake up to the time i fall asleep at night .Besides my handgun the other items are always on me and get very much use.after work i usually carry a glock 19 and swap out the leatherman for a Endura 4.

Good for him for carrying all the time.

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