Chinese Communist Party Prescribes More Gun Control for the US


(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

It’s nice of the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece to go to the trouble of recommending ways the United States can reach the levels of freedom and prosperity enjoyed in the Middle Kingdom.

China is now the country with the fewest gun-linked crimes in the world. This results from strict control and regulation of firearms, which have contributed to China’s rapid economic growth and the stability of society in the past four decades. Private possession of firearms is generally prohibited with extremely limited exceptions in China. Relevant laws provide harsh punishments for gun control violations. All these measures guarantee that guns are not in the wrong hands.

The US government needs to adopt updated and stricter laws to ensure firearms are in the right hands. Stronger gun laws could result in fewer gun deaths. But focusing on gun laws for the sake of shootings may lead to omissions in regulations that should be more comprehensive.

In recent years, the Chinese government took further steps to adjust and tighten its regulations on gun ownership in accordance with evolving national conditions. Although the moves are based on China’s conditions, the Chinese general road map for strict gun control is worth mulling over for the US, Brazil or any other country with similar headaches. China has developed its proper way, and so can the US.

– Xu Hailin in China’s gun-control success a lesson for US

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