EDC for a Day in Urbana: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Dave Canterbury, an outdoor skills instructor and author, submitted this pocket dump. Titled, “A Day in the Urbana Jungle,” he has a well-worn GLOCK. In the description of the contents, Canterbury has it listed as a GLOCK 17, but to my eyes, it looks more like a 19 carried with an empty chamber. Bad mojo right there.

Hopefully Mr. Canterbury doesn’t pack his gat Mexican-style, because bad things can happen to those who do. Even if he carries it on an empty chamber, what happens if he needs to use it?  Where does he put it then?  Back into his pants in a loaded condition with nothing covering the trigger guard?  Argh.

On a happier note, he wears the same watch I do, and also has the same ThorFire flashlight in his pocket.  Amazing coincidence as I just started carrying that one for a tertiary backup light to my two main EDC lights not even two weeks ago.

I’m old enough to remember it used to cost $500 for 500 lumens of light. While it wouldn’t fit in your pocket, it would burn through expensive CR123A batteries like candy. Ah, the good ol’ days.

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