Newer and Lighter EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Tony Salvino from Ohio sends in his updated everyday carry gear he calls newer and lighter.  Last fall, he had another, more robust EDC outfit. For whatever reason, he’s slimmed down his carry.  Nevertheless, it’s a big step up considering three years ago he didn’t even carry a Roscoe.

He wrote this about his choices (obviously a Twitter user):

I’m about due for an update of my #EDC. Going smaller and lighter! I’ve upgraded my smith and wesson #m&p #shield 7rd mag with a magguts +1 spring and a pinky extended. Ive also been carrying the streamlight #styluspro pen light, my new spyderco #dragonfly #salt series as well as the trust old leatherman #wingman and minimalist wallet. I’m looking to upgrade my wallet game so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Holster by sbf custom kydex

Kudos to Tony for packing a reload. After all, reloads are important.  Ditto for an illumination tool. Dear reader:  You carry one of those too, don’t you?

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