Cleveland Deli Owner Opens Fire on Two Masked Robbers



The only thing that might anger a delicatessen owner more than questioning the quality of his corned beef is trying to empty his cash register. So when Cleveland deli owner Mike Makkal was faced with two masked men trying to force their way behind his counter recently, he reached for his handgun.

Makkal said one of the would-be robbers tried to get him to open the cash register. That’s when the owner said he pulled out his gun and shot at the men. The suspects ran from the store.

“I shot one shot then he got down and ran,” Makkal said, “Then the other robber went to the end of the store and asked me not to shoot him, but I put my gun in his face.”

Don’t mess with an old guy, especially one who’d already been robbed recently.

He told FOX 8 he was shaking and scared for his life when the two men tried to rob him, but even at 80-years-old he refused to back down.

Makkal also said that just two weeks ago he was the victim of another attempted robbery at gunpoint in his deli, however it involved a different suspect.

He handled that first thug pretty much the same way as the latest two.

“I found a stainless steel gun to my head,” he said.

Then, the gunman chased him around the store.

“Until he found my gun in his face,” Makkal said.

That gunman also ran from his store.

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