Strych9’s EDC: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


Could this be our own Strych9’s everyday carry at Everyday Carry?

He writes, “Being diagnosed with Late Onset Type 1 Diabetes means you end up carrying a bunch of extra stuff around with you. Enough to justify carrying a bag around any time you leave the house because it’s cheaper and easier than changing every pair of pants you own over to cargoes.”

Strych9 believes in full-size carry, packing a Heckler & Koch USP .45 in a Galco rig.  In his Maxpedition organizer he’s got his diabetic stuff.  I personally love that SureFire Titan Plus 300 lumen keychain light powered by a single AAA-battery.  Yes, 300 lumens from a AAA-battery.

And also covertly resting near the SureFire is a Microtech Ultratech automatic knife. Nice.

And the Pantagonia bag? Camouflage to the sheep.

For a complete description (and links to where you can get some of this for yourself), follow the link to Everyday Carry.

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