Realistic EDC Gear: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day


I have to say this seems like a far more realistic carry than a lot of what we see. A GLOCK 43 with a spare mag in a Kydex holster with a good folding blade are a nice choice. If it were me I would replace the folder with a fixed-blade knife, possibly a mini Bowie from Valavian Edge Craft (just a favorite of mine for custom blades). It’s great to see a daily carry that reflects so many facets of realistic carry from the model of gun to caliber to the spare mag.

How realistic is your carry? Do you have a concealable firearm with a spare mag? Where do you carry the spare mag? How about a tourniquet?

Take inventory of your daily carry…if you have one. If you don’t carry your gun daily, ask yourself why. Can you dress around your gun or do you need to make adjustments to the gun to fit your work life needs? Remember, your gun does you no good if it’s home in the safe and you can neither predict nor schedule the moment you need it.

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