Mas Ayoob: Gun Policy Changes Take Significant Time


courtesy Massad Ayoob

Mas Ayoob says making positive change happen for gun rights takes time – serious time:

If you aren’t already, get involved at the local level. Spread the truth about this polarized issue. Truth is the only antidote to the increasingly massive and toxic prohibitionist propaganda we are seeing in the media. For example, consider this paper by Professor John Lott explaining how the seemingly common sense Universal Background Check scheme would penalize and criminalize law-abiding Americans.

One point I made at the rally [in Florida] is that it took twenty years, from when I went on the Today show in the wake of the Columbine massacre to advocate for the proven Israeli model of arming and training volunteer school faculty members, to the same recommendation being made very recently by a blue ribbon panel in Florida in the aftermath of the Parkland atrocity.

– Mas Ayoob, 2A Wars: Another Dispatch from the Front

Just a suggestion: check out Mas’s online blog at Backwoods Home

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