Claude Werner: Develop a Personal Self-Defense Doctrine Before You Need It



Words of wisdom from Claude Werner. Highly recommend following his blog not because he’s a friend but because he gives solid advice on self-defense and training. Best of all he’s succinct so you aren’t wading through fluff. It’s all good.

Every time we pull a gun on someone, a binary decision, ‘Shoot or Don’t Shoot,’ immediately ensues and continues until the gun is put away. That decision is not necessarily either conscious nor intentional. Because of that, we need to be very mindful of when we choose to place ourselves into that position. Two recent incidents, one involving a personal friend and one involving a gun celebrity, have reinforced that to me. In fact, we probably should change the common usage to Don’t Shoot/Shoot instead of vice versa.

The possibility of a Serious Mistake and subsequent Negative Outcome will always be present. That’s why developing our personal doctrine ahead of time, based on our needs and considerations, not someone else’s, is important.

– Claude Werner, Shoot/Don’t Shoot and METT-TC

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