Design Mom: It’s Inevitable…Guns WILL Be Banned



At least they’re being honest:

People think guns will never be taken away. But there is a tipping point and I think we’ve reached it. The time for half measures is long gone. And now guns will be banned.

Apparently all gun owners are amoral ghouls:

Is it the 1% who are the bad guys? Gun owners in this country refuse to allow, or fight for, even the simplest most obvious regulations. Just because someone doesn’t pull the trigger doesn’t make them blameless.

And I think we have to ask: What is a responsible gun owner? It’s a term gun owners like to throw around, but it’s ultimately meaningless. I wish we would define it and then legally make that definition the minimum.

I have an idea. Let’s do this for journalism and First Amendment rights, too:

It’s not useful to claim you’re a responsible gun owner unless that term is defined and people are required to conform to it.

– Design Mom, It’s Too Late. You’ve Lost Your Guns.

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