Officer Michael Joyner: Everyone in the Home Should Know How Guns Work


courtesy Operation Child Safe and NSSF

Sometimes you wonder if the mainstream media even realizes what they’re reporting:

Authorities are urging gun owners to make safety a top priority.

First, they say guns should always be kept out of reach of children and properly stored using gun safes and locks.

Next, police say education is key and everyone in the home should know how guns work, and how to keep safe around them

Lastly, police say every gun should be treated like it’s loaded.

[Officer Michael Joyner, with the Fort Wayne Police Department] used the analogy of driving a car saying, when you turn 16 and drive a car that doesn’t make you a good driver, saying guns are the same way, they take practice.

– WPTA21, Officers are Urging Gun Owners to Make Safety a Top Priority

“Everyone in the home should know how guns work”? Couldn’t agree more. Gun education for all.

courtesy Gunsite

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