Kentucky Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill, Moms Demand Action OUTRAGED!



The Kentucky Senate made the local chapter of Moms Demand Action very unhappy yesterday. As reports,

“This is how our state decided to mark that anniversary of the deadliest high school shooting in our nation’s history — pass more gun legislation, making it easier for people to carry weapons in our state,” said Connie Coartney, volunteer leader with the Kentucky chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

What has Coartney and her fellow hoplophobic harridans in such a lather is the fact that a proposed constitutional carry law was cleared by a Senate committee by a vote of 11-1. It then was voted on by the full Senate and approved by a vote of 29-8.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Brandon Smith.

Smith noted that if someone has a gun under a coat, a permit now is needed. He said that does not seem fair.

“This bill decriminalizes wearing a coat in the state of Kentucky,” said (National Rifle Association state director Art) Thomm.

If it becomes law, Kentuckians could also avoid paying a $75 fee in order to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Despite their outrage at the bill’s approval, Coartney and her red-shirted fellow travelers didn’t bother to speak against it in the Senate.

During the Senate committee hearing, no one testified in opposition to the bill.

Coartney said her group wanted to hear “what they had to say. We will be speaking out when the bill gets to the House.”

We have no doubt.

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