Parnell: Gunfire During Possibly-Mythical Camping Trip ‘Like Iraq’



Sounds like something written by Gersh Kuntzman

It was a calm, pristine evening, Venus rising above the trees, the sound of the creek after a long, congested drive as restorative as a Vivaldi concerto — until the guns started firing.

By bedtime we were pinned down. At almost every other campsite, it seemed, except for ours and the one across the road, people were armed and shooting their weapons. It sounded like an NRA convention had taken up residence, with members flexing their firepower on behalf of the Second Amendment. The veteran across the road, who was camping with his two boys, said the gunfire was all too reminiscent of his two tours in Iraq. He ordered his sons to stay in the camper and not to go outside without him, even for a quick pee.

– Jane Parnell for Adventure Journal, Opinion: Just Say No to Camping with Guns

Seems totally legit.

H/T goes to @TacticoolMemes

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